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With modern technology, the world of freelancing has changed in more ways than one. There are several platforms that are available, but many of them have their respective drawbacks and some gaps have been left unaddressed. This is where Cyereg enters the picture.

We are not only a freelancing platform but also an effective channel for e-learning. Whether you are an expert in the field of IT, marketing, or graphic design, among others, we envision extending a helping hand. Through our website, you will be able to find work, in the same way, that employers can find talent. We aim to be a premier marketplace for freelancing, both for the providers and the clients.

Why Cyereg

  • Cyereg the only freelancing platform with an unparalleled algorithmic matching technology that totally eliminates the typical inaccuracies experienced by freelancers worldwide.
  • Get access to real experts who get the job done right the first time
  • Get solutions to real life business challenges working with talented designers and programmers

How it works

All Freelancers on Cyereg will stand out to be able to attract employers and win more jobs. Providing employers with an aurаtеrоfіlеіѕthе first step of getting hired. Firstly, we educate freelancers and find their gap of education, then we test them, and rank them among others in specific expertise. Then we update their education to correspond to each job they get. Using our advanced algorithm and technology we are able to verify freelancer skills and then matching the right talent for the job focusing on freelancers with similar works done with proven track record and a high level of reliability, competence, and proficiency.


With the student membership account, anyone can register, students, and even professionals who wish to update their skills.

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The teachers account will enable teachers to upload course materials and modules, which will allow them to teach others what they are good at.

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Whether you are an individual freelancer or a company, you can create an account and take advantage of various work opportunities based on your expertise.

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Employers will start by writing a precise and clear job post. Job specification and post must be very detailed and accurate to attract well-qualified freelancers and experts.

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Investor Relations

The level of inadequacies and limitations in the current IT Freelance services is quite disturbing. Therefore, we have come with a holistic and effective approach and methodology to ensure maximum efficiency in the industry.