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SELF Support, Employment, Learning and Freelancing

Cyereg is a global cloud-based Freelancing and E-learning platform with a total quality control for Experts, Learners, Employers and Educators. We provide opportunities for involved stakeholders to access real-time quality based solutions to their technological problems. Whether you are an Expert looking for ways to make money with your skills, or an Employer looking to attract and keep the best talent or you may be a student looking for quality and professional E-learning platform to update and sharpen your skill? Cyereg is the place to be.

Our goal

Our goal is to become an indispensable player in the global IT freelance market providing ‘SELF’ services in online Freelancing and the Information Technology industry in general.

Our Uniqueness

Cyereg’s unique system emphasizes the perfect balance between education, testing, and verification by inculcating quality control in a bid to provide optimal IT services.

We bring Learners closer to the actual courses that matter to the furtherance of their careers.

We connect Employers to highly rated, well qualified prospective employees, talents, and agencies. Our platform is a hub for top-level IT professionals and Freelancer to earn good revenue providing their quality expertise to agencies, organizations, and brands.

Our Aims and Objectives

Cyereg provides a platform that guarantees high-quality professional IT services to various levels of target users. We have a strong managerial, technology and support teams with the depth and experience required to deploy a quality product.

Our major aims and objectives are:
  • To solve employers’ problem of identifying the best employee, or Freelancer with the right skills set to meet job specifications.
  • Provide an algorithm system which works to verify the skills, knowledge, and abilities of the potential employee or Freelancer
  • Encourage development of relevant skill sets, by exposing users to courses aimed at practical, real-world knowledge acquisition.
  • Provide an intelligent feedback system which rates employers, Freelancers, subject matter experts and course content in a meaningful, actionable manner.
  • Develop an intuitive program with a highly effective user interface and toolset to reinforce the value proposition for employers, mentors, and talent.
  • Utilize technology to build a self-correcting, scalable platform that adapts to our users changing needs.

Our Management Team


Majid (Mike) Mireskandari

Cyereg is the brainchild of Majid (Mike) Mireskandari, who has over 15 years of extensive background in the encryptions business. Mike witness the frustration of others searching the internet for the right IT education courses. Mike?s discovered that people often took courses that covered too much or too little material. Mike then witness companies hiring people that did not qualify or were over qualified for the job.

Mike decided it was necessary to create a learning environment, where the learner/student was taught what is necessary to do the job. Mike’s innovation is a cloud based platform that can be used to verify the qualifications of the potential employee, freelancer, and/or expert. Mike developed an algorithm that could identify the education required. Most important, the system provides testing to verify the skills, knowledge, qualifications and ability of the freelancer/employee.


Pramod Maloo

Pramod Maloo is the Founder and Head of Web Scholarz. He is an expert with a common-sense approach to solving client challenges. Pramod believes in providing strategic vision and passion in planning, organizing and implementing a task in great details, he leaves no stone unturned to survey and work on challenges in the Internet industry. Being a veteran, he is adept at recognizing opportunities and talents. With his focus on Digital Marketing and Online brand promotion, he aims to create a digitally efficient society.

Equipped with an MBA in Marketing and a dream to create opportunities on the Internet; he launched Web Scholarz, to open a whole new horizon to the world. With almost a decade of active participation in the Internet Marketing Industry, he endeavors to excel and create excellence. Web Scholarz aims to impact digital marketing in Eastern India to start with & then go Pan India with franchise business model. He is also a part of some success stories like dventureonline.com, KolkataPages.com, an online business directory and local search engine.


Nadarajan Maharajan

Nadarajan is a versatile, multi-skilled I.T. professional with over 20years of experience that spans Business Intelligence, Data Warehousing, ETL, Integration, Data Architecture, MDM and Data Modeling. He has 6years experience in Mechanical/Chemical Industry Engineering. Nadarajan has a proven track record working as a Data Warehouse Architect, Solution Architect, and Technical Lead.


Sterling Barclay Ely

Sterling Ely thrives at the intersection of art and technology. Past experience has seen him modeling and animating architectural fly-through, building interactive hardware prototypes, designing websites, interfaces and logos, shooting and editing video, and more. An oriented and motivated hard worker who is always willing to go above and beyond. Sterling brings an upbeat attitude, creativity, and sense of humor to any project.

He has a B.A in Fine Arts (Focus: Electronic Time-based) – Carnegie Mellon University, College of Fine Arts (2003). He also attended various classes at Gnomon School of Visual Effects, Games plus Animation from 2009 to 2011.


Julias Stewart

General Counsel


Sandeep Patra

Senior PHP Developer

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Malay Mondal

Zend 2 Developer – Senior PHP Developer


Kishore Chowdhury

Senior PHP Developer

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SK Wasim

Web Designer

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Rituja Chatterjee

Web Designer

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Sunny Bhagat

Web Developer


Amlan Maiti

Digital Marketing Manager