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Designed to completely reshape the status quo of today’s online employment market, our groundbreaking project offers a unique opportunity for investors to generate outsized returns faster.

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Cyereg is a start-up corporation based in Los Angeles, California. Being the brainchild of Majid Mireskandari, Cyereg’s CEO and Co-Founder, our organization brings together education, testing, and verification and is aiming to reshape the employment market as we know it completely. With a unique user-friendly interface,students, teachers, experts and freelancers and employers can access a unique platform that acts as the single,most effective matchmaking tool between employers and businesses on the one hand and experts and freelancers on the other.

Our Vision

Cyereg aims to revolutionize the current online freelance, education, and employment market and bridge the gaps that are found in most other solutions. Offering extraordinary value and advantage, Cyereg will provide unique services to its users (freelancers, schools, employers) and solve the problems they face utilizing current market options.

Our vision is to end the uncertainty of education requirements and qualification verification in the global employment market today and address the inadequacies of existing platforms. We have designed a new, unique platform, which will address the current problems, overhaul the online e-learning market and offer a revolutionizing way to connect learners to experts and job opportunities.

With our innovative project, we aim to:

  • Provide an extraordinarily targeted and accurate freelance careers system
  • Reliably assess the skill set and experience of our freelance members and
  • Offer relevant, state-of-the-art skill training to our members.

How We Do It

Cyereg is the only global freelancing and online learning platform of its kind. We have developed a proprietary algorithm, which allows Cyereg to:

  • Help students find the right learning tools, courses, and materials that will help them obtain the necessary knowledge and develop the missing skills needed to boost their careers.
  • Help businesses to easily outsource the best candidates for their particular needs, without using the outdated and highly ineffective traditional ways of resumes and customer reviews.
  • Make it possible for employers to verify their candidates’ skills, abilities, and knowledge via education and testing for the IT industry, thus providing a true, performance-based employee election process.
  • Offer experts/freelancers an environment through which they can earn meaningful revenue by designing and uploading their course materials, tutorials and tests.
  • Help Freelancers to accurately assess their current skills in the real world.
  • Provide payment guarantee by securing payments for both experts and outsourcing companies.
  • Help and encourage military personnel to continue their education from anywhere in the world, so as not to miss out on important opportunities once their military commitment is over and assist them in entering the market.

Say Goodbye to the Old Ways of Outsourcing the Right Staff for Your Business

The days of testing all students/freelancers the same way, trying to guess which freelancer will be the best fit for your business or wonder what a 5-star review actually stands for, are finally over. Our revolutionary services empower students to build up a successful portfolio and gain invaluable experience even before entering the workforce, thereby skipping the minimum wage or unpaid internship phase altogether, simply by allowing them to be a part of Cyereg’s unique platform.

End result? The perfect matchmaking of businesses and employees.

Simply, think of how drastically the lives of millions of freelancers are going to be changed with the help of this useful tool. By providing unlimited training opportunities that are specifically designed to suit their unique requirements,as well as easy access to major clients all around the world Cyereg will enable freelancers to improve their performance, elevate their status and multiply their profits like never before.

Future Development

To achieve growth, we will also offer two additional services in the future that will be unique in the market:

  • Expert Watch –This will be about Real-time verification of a person’s work in progress, helping businesses to ensure that their projects and work are being performed according to industry standards.
  • Military friendly e-learning program platform for deployed servicemen that will help them gain the necessary knowledge and skills to successfully respond to today’s market demands and make a smooth transition from the military into the global business world.By joining those platforms from any place in the world, these men and women will be able to get the training they need.

Endless Possibilities

With the ability to grow into other markets and provide our API to other giant, e-learning companies, there truly is no limit to the potential growth and financial rewards of this groundbreaking project.

Now it’s Your Chance.

Make A Wise Investment in the Future World Leader in IT Education and Employment Industry & See Your Life Changing.

Help us reach our goal to launch this innovative platform and be part of an incredibly fast growing business with unparalleled success. Invest today with peace of mind, knowing that your money has the potential to disrupt an industry and yield considerable profits. The desire of businesses to find and hire the best possible employees, regardless of the geographical barriers, is what continually drives and will continue to drive employers to resort to online outsourcing platforms every day. With the advances in modern communication technology and secure networks being increasingly available, online employment markets are now more in demand than ever before.

The Timing to Enter the Marketplace Couldn’t Be Better

Money wise, the amounts that have been spent on the various platforms of online outsourcing industry have grown significantly.Simply taking a look at the revenue growth of the three most popular online talent marketplaces, it clearly shows that businesses and employers are increasingly investing in such platforms by using their resources to help them find the right staff for their needs. In a study conducted by the World Bank, it was estimated that the online freelancing market grossed about 2 billion in 2013 alone,while the market size for online freelancing is expected to grow to a spectacular 4.4 Billion in 2016.The estimated growth rate from 2015 to 2017 reaches 33% and remember that the actual numbers could be far greater. Taking a look at our main competition, Upwork, it is evident that they show a 77% increase in revenues and worked hours.

Your Investment Is Safe - Everything Has Been Taken Into Account!

This is a deeply vetted investment venture with minimized risk and mind-blowing reward potential.

Having carefully analyzed the risks of entering the marketplace, we have formed solid strategies to overcome potential threats by creating ongoing new products and services throughout the first five years,making sure to eliminate copycats and to create reliable sales through affiliations and direct sells of IT related product.

To Make This Possible, We Need Your Support - The Results, Will Definitely Pay Off.

Our funding request is estimated at 2.5 million dollars working capital for business operations separated into two parts. The first 1 million dollars is required for additional beta testing,market feasibility research and doing a soft launch to produce about 3000 clients. For the second part, we will require 1.5 million to go live within 10 months. We are forecasting a profit margin of 37 percent in the first year,which will reach 68 percent in the second year. We are expecting 3629 paid members by the end of the first year and 7601 in the second year. The biggest expense will be our staff, followed by smaller allotments for marketing, educational materials, server maintenance, and equipment.

Why It Is a Great Idea to Invest In an Online Employment Market Industry

Here are the most important reasons why it is a good idea to invest your money in this project. Firstly, the online outsourcing industry is expected to grow at a rapid rate over the next ten years. Online markets allow businesses to get access to global talent easily and reliably. They make it possible for companies to access inexpensive workers around the world,thus saving considerable amounts of money every year. Also, by providing workplace flexibility and having employees work from home, businesses can reduce their real estate costs to a minimum. It is certain that in the years to come, small businesses and startups will continue their search for the best possible talent at the most affordable price, regardless of geographical location. Moreover, enterprise level companies are expected to increasingly invest their resources in online outsourcing platforms, as a way to supplement, and in some instances eliminate their traditional staffing approach.

Be Part of a Project That Offers the World New, Creative Solutions and Receive the Returns You Crave

The Decision Is Yours. Invest, Support, Gain.