How it works

All Freelancers on Cyereg will stand out to be able to attract employers and win more jobs. Providing employers with аn ассurаtе рrоfіlе іѕ thе first step of getting hired. Firstly, we educate freelancers and find their gap of education,then we test them, and rank them among others in specific expertise. Then we update their education to correspond to each job they get. Using our advanced algorithm and technology we are able to verify freelancer skills and then matching the right talent for the job focusing on freelancers with similar works done with proven track record and a high level of reliability, competence, and proficiency.

Cyereg has a chain of algorithms in place to have each individual involved in the process of verification. This system provides multiple feedback loops whereby experts, mentors, students, and employers generate meaningful, actionable and accurate information at each interaction.

Basically, users in Cyereg will choose from the following accounts on the category the individuals falls into:



With the student membership account, anyone can register, students, and even professionals who wish to update their skills. Courses will be in the field of IT designed for people who are interested in Information Science and Computer Science.



The teachers account will enable teachers to upload course materials and modules, which will allow them to teach others what they are good at.



Whether you are an individual freelancer or a company, you can create an account and take advantage of various work opportunities based on your expertise.



Employers will start by writing a precise and clear job post. Job specification and post must be very detailed and accurate to attract well-qualified freelancers and experts.

How am I protected on Cyereg?

You will get the peace of mind you need with our system developed with a technology and algorithm to ensure our platform is a trusted and a safe working place. Our security covers

What kind of project can be done on Cyereg?

The opportunities are endless; anything can be achieved on Cyereg. Cyereg is a great place for top companies and business professionals to hire and work with the world’s most talented experts in any field. Whether you need a mobile app development expert, create a web portal, Website Audit and SEO, big or small projects, get it done with ease at Cyereg.

How the payment system works

Payment on Cyereg is made through a secure payment channel to your freelancer. We only release funds to freelancer after the completion of your project and the acknowledgment that you are satisfied with the job done meeting the required standard. Finally, Before releasing the fund to the Freelancer, our technology through its expert watch system will then do a final verification. This is to ensure a win-win situation for our platform, the employer and also the Freelancer

One of the unique quality here at Cyereg that gives's us an extraordinary value and advantage are that we provide a money-back guarantee for any project done on our platform.

All payments go through the following secure online payment system

Faced with a fast-changing job market through which there ѕееmѕ tо bе nо dіѕсеrnіblе pathway tо есоnоmіс survival, students often exit high school with no marketable skills and some graduate often find themselves forced to take jobs for which they are not qualified or overqualified.

It has been observed that many students also leave high school with few work skills that is needed in today's market.

Required skills for business growth is becoming increasingly complex, which has produced so much crisis in many businesses. Even Employers are bесоmіng frustrated bесаuѕе thеrе are nоt enough workers adequately prepared for today's demanding jobs.

With this in mind, Cyereg will be offering the latest courses in the field of IT. These courses may be taken by college/university students of Computer Science, Information Sciences and other similar programs to build their competence.

Professionals working as freelancers or employed with businesses could also opt for the educational courses to upgrade their knowledge or acquire new skills/knowledge.

We will continuously be updating the library of educational courses on the website to cover new and emerging topics.

Our system will also provide the Learners (Students/Experts/Freelancers) with rankings

for their job competence and match them with the right jobs, thus helping them find the right job after they successfully complete the online training and assessment. The learners would be allowed to re-take the assessments if they fail to qualify or wish to improve their ranking. Upon receipt of rankings, the students would be qualified as Experts.

Additionally, Experts and Freelancers who are very vast in their field will also earn extra money on Cyereg as they will be given a platform to mentor and teach others. This provides hands on information to people in need, not the type of education that will never be used in the actual job market.

Cyereg believe's that colleges and universities have not done all it needs to do for students to be properly fit into the job market and to make a good career. And that is where we come in!

At Cyereg, we offer all students a chance to be economically competitive in the future job market.