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The level of inadequacies and limitations in the current IT Freelance services is quite disturbing. Therefore, we have come with a holistic and effective approach and methodology to ensure maximum efficiency in the industry.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that 40% of the US workforce, or 60 million people, are engaged as independent workers—freelancers, contractors, and temporary employees. Cyereg innovative technology and market strategy are well placed to secure a leading position in this 4 billion dollar.

60 million people

are engaged as independent workers

To guarantee more market penetration, Cyereg will further deploy its technology as follows:


Where employee performance and development are crucial, Cyereg unique technology will serve as an effective means of perfect training and development as well as provide efficient performance appraisal tools.

Institutions of higher learning

To increase their ability to become and stay relevant in the fast-changing technology sector. We will offer courses focused in the field of IT, which is designed for people who are interested in the fields of Information Science and Computer Science, among others


Assisting service people in their transition to the civilian workforce.

Cyereg represents extraordinary value and advantage. Users across the spectrum (freelancers, schools, employers) face significant, entrenched problems utilizing the current offerings. We plan to change that reality as there is no single company which provides services offered by Cyereg.

Keys to Success

Building Strategic Alliances

We will build and maintain strategic alliances with employers as they are important to the development and functioning of the business. The use of complex customer relationship management tools will enable us to develop and maintain these relationships on a large scale.

Effective Management Team

We will build a strong and management team equipped with the required skill sets necessary for continuous business growth and marketing.

Sound Revenue Generation Scheme

Our value proposition presents a win-win situation to all user types. Learners access courses aimed at developing their skills to earn more money; Freelancers obtain well-deserved assessment ranking based on their level of professionalism to situate them in a position to get more jobs, and Employers have access to the right labor market thereby ensuring value for money needed to develop their business. This isthe what makes Cyereg unique amongst other.

Employing a customer-centric and market-focused sales and marketing strategy to solve real world problems and deliver exceptional value and service to our users.

Business Model

Cyereg will utilize three separate revenue models in its operations:

  • Subscription Base Model:Cyereg will generate predictable and scalable revenue through membership and subscription fees.
  • Hook Method Model:Cyereg will generate revenue with a range of hooking techniques used to alter or augment the behavior of its customers. Cyereg will create value in add-on services and make it difficult for its customers to discontinue services.
  • Marketplace Model:Cyereg will bring supply (employee/freelancers) and demand (employers) together in a new and improved way with its algorithms and processes.

Funding Request and Sales Forecast

Cyereg requires 2.5 million dollars working capital for business development and operations. We envision a two-step roll out. The first phase (requiring $1million) will cover the remaining software development, additional beta testing, market research and software launching estimated to produce approximately 3,000 customers. The second phase (budgeted at $1.5 million) covers “go live” within 10 months of the first roll-out. Cyereg has already invested $25,000 and expects to invest $35,000 more before launching.

Based on our conservative financial models, we forecast an operating profit of 37% within 12 months of launch. This rises to 68% in the second year and is sufficient to enhance the feature set and double the customer base.

Profit being essential to long-term business survival and job creation, Cyereg requires investors to partner with us in order to create meaningful jobs and produce reliable experts in service delivery.

Then again, Cyereg will definitely ensure quality services and profitability.